Hey- I just got back from my first surf trip over to Bald Head Island and man does it have a sick set up. I have been wanting to go over there for the last couple of years now & finally did it. If you go all the way to East Beach where the Shoals Club is- you have the point of Cape Fear right there- that is where the East facing beaches meet with the South facing beaches- at this place there is a long sand point that has a sick point break set up at a mid to low tide. This place has some of the best potential that I've seen on the East Coast & I have surfed every state from Maine to Florida. It was only waist+ the day I went, but the rights were reeling down along the point for a 100 yards- some of the sickest waves I have ever seen here on the East Coast. It looked like a mini version of the Super Bank. Has anyone else ever surfed here? Let me know how it was & the best swell direction to get it good.