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Thread: Boat Trip

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    yeah. I've been to CR a ton of times so I know how it breaks. Just looking for a novelty of doing something different without having to spend all that time traveling to the south pacific.

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    This looks sick, have always wanted to do it, but its too much money.

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    took a trip down to BVI with my family last winter and was very dissapointed. the breaks there will only break with very large waves and none of the swells allthough they were at least head high waves were not creating any decent breaks worth paying that much money for. i know many people that go to costa rica however do not expect yourself to surf all day down there. the wind blows everything out by around 10 and might clean up later in the afternoon around sunset. this winter break i went to rincon in puerto rico and had a great time there. no need to get a boat all you need is a car and you can get to any break and even head up to aguidilla and surf some very famous breaks that im sure youve heard of. steps. marias. indicators. domes.