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Thread: Tropics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krankor View Post
    The superstition here is pretty rediculous... claiming that someone can affect the weather by posting about a swell predicted by computer models. Next time I'm in china I'll kill a ton of butterflies and it will probably generate a hurricane for you.
    careful which butterflies you kill...if they're the orange ones with black stripes, then they can cause global catastrophe. my cousin killed a bunch and katrina happened. if you go there, kill the black ones with orange stripes and we'll all be getting shacked this summer. and if you have the urge to post threads a week in advance about shady swell models, use the words 'might' or 'probably not, but maybe'. if you negate that we will have surf in your post, then we will get surf, unless the negation is negated inherently from the get go. just ask dr phil

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