Go kill yourself. There's a 99% chance it's not anyone on here, but whoever they were, were aggro locals.

I hate bennys. We all hate bennys! But to go the length to chuck cell phone sized rocks at us walking through the streets of SSP, what the hell is the matter with these people? Me and a couple guys were just walking through SSP after going to the BW to get to my car and these guys start chucking rocks at us. Apparently we looked like bennys to them. They yelled at us to "go home" and yelled a bunch of other threats. My friend got hit right in the temple, I was lucky enough to not get hit. The other guy I was with happens to be a sponsored surfer and surfs the pier regularly. I live in Point and go out in Bay Head all year round. So no, I'm not trying to cover up here.

This really did scare the hell out of us. More so it kind of got me angry. Sure I have had my share of incidents with bennys on the road or at the beach, but never have I had the desire to physically hurt them. I just think some people go too far. Am I justified in feeling this way or no?