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    Missing Board(Ocmd Please help)

    I was out at the surfing beach this afternoon on 56th st hoped in my car on 57th street bayside board was on top.. realize it wasnt their when i got to west o.. went back and it was gone >20 min later

    The Board is a 6'3 perfection short-board with a i think is supposed to be a rising sun Design
    any info please call.. if it helps theirs 20 bills in it for you.. i know thats not much so please help get back my only board..

    P.S. the nose broke off and was repaired and is easy to see the repair

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    pic of the board when it was new..
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    a bit advice

    Call around to the shops, I work at one in Ocean City and we caught a stolen board the other day. Not saying yours was stolen but it is a good chance someone might stop in and try and get cash for it.

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    Let us know if you see it around OCM

    Board lost off car roof, reward offered: Contact

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    wait I'm confused. what just happened?

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    boards missing.. fell off car roof..