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Being an Adult I must ask that if a newbie, no more then 13, drops in on my wave, wipes out, and then has his fins rip through my skin as his board goes airborne as I have to karate chop it away from my face and then just says sorry as I have to head in to bandage myself, do I have the right to draw blood from him and/or his father. Damn kid should slashed my tires while he was at it, just a blatant drop in right into my board...Teachers need to do a better job of explaining basic rules and etiquette although this kid probably just got his knife, I mean board for his Birthday... "YOU DREW FIRST BLOOD!!!" Next time this kid get's a bloody slap to the face and I'm holding a blade to his aorta explaining the way **** is out in the water...
Think about what you (as an adult) would do to a 13-year-old if he did something similar on the sidewalk. How do you think the cops or his parents are going to take you holding a shiv to the grom's neck or slapping him around? No diff. You f' with that kid and you're going to be hurting a lot more than a little board bumping.

Be the wise elder and use the opp to teach what he apparently didn't glean from his surf lessons. If his folks are around have a little chat with them too. If they don't want to listen then chalk it up to YOUR learning experience.