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    tricky board repair

    i ripped out my entire futures fin box while surfing and there's a crack going up the rail from the fin box. i was wondering what a repair like this might cost. its one of my favorite boards, but its getting bad delam where my feet sit. is it even worth to fix? its only 5 months old and in pristine condition other than the fin and delam. anyone had this happen before?

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    dude delam after fivemonths do you leave the board in the car for weeks at a time i have boards that are several years old that have no delam , but in regards to the fin box i did the same thing to a board a few weeks back surfing shore break i went to lowes bought risen and cloth for like 20 bucks and just turn an old pair of fins into glass on's i wouldnt recommed paying to have it fixed just make it a project and see what you can do with it