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    This IS the internet though and to be expected. as far as fighting, I've been surfing for almost 30 years now and a certain aspect of aggression has ALWAYS been part of surfing so I'm not sure why you think its not normal especially when it gets crowded.

  2. ....uhhh.... is there going to be a group hug at the end of this thread?

    You east coast guys are suppose to be tougher than this. Knock it off.
    You're ruining the image I have of you guys.

  3. Surfers have always talked ****, well before the internet. Bunches are friggin as caty as a chick. It seems that's the way it's always been and always will be. The internet just let's you know that it's not a regional thing, there are a-holes everywhere.
    Some are tough guys, some just act it, some just act caty like a chick and then hide behind their crew, who realize he does this everytime. Same story, different town, just now that we have the internet we can see all the a-holes nationwide.
    Aint modernization great????

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    F em all!

    They are all just a bunch of goons who are pissed off at something in their life, or there terrible surfing skills. So they have to take it out on people who are happy...

    I have found that Its good to travel around the world to see how surfing is as a part of other cultures. It kind of makes you laugh at all the idiots in the USA. Not saying I'm not one of those idiots in any way either, haha.

    Lets all hug and smoke hookah's and sing kumbayah!

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    I love the good natured trash-talk and I think it's necessary especially during flat spells to keep you talking trash and having fun with yer friends, but I notice the ones who really get stomped on and deserve it are the ones who A) ask lame stupid questions, and B) the other ones who ask the same lame stupid questions almost immediately. "What thickness wetsuit should I buy for really really cold water?"...duh..."What secret spot is gonna be breaking the best this weekend?"...duh..."I'm visiting from 500 miles inland in a month, what will the waves be like when I get there?"...duh..."I live right by the beach, what's the best sandbar I should surf?"...DUH!!!

    I think people asking about lost/stolen boards and etiquette questions getting picked on is pretty unfair as that's some serious stuff, but I think it's runoff from the above examples.

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    This thread = lame sauce.

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    Lame sauce is great for BBQing kooks

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    jimmy crack head is just a kooook to ohhhhhhhh

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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    Quote Originally Posted by thundernuts View Post
    i bought a board and it has no slicers it just has slots are slicers really needed to surf well
    no, slicers are unnecessary. in fact, you should just get a chisel and chip those slicer slots right out, then take the slicer slot free board and cut it in half. hollow out the snow on the inside and glue the glass parts back together. thats how i hear they do it in kelly slater prosurfer.

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    [;38227]....uhhh.... is there going to be a group hug at the end of this thread? QUOTE]

    I'm putting my hug in right now!! HUGGG now who else is gonna join the group hug.. the more the merrier... As wawa says it best "Make Shorti's not War"