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    Ezera surfboards.. opinions reviews i have my eye on a 6'2 spoiler.. im 5'10 and weigh about 150 think it could work as a all around board?

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    i used to be a hardcore ezera dude. they went down the drain. i used to love the ez1 model. they suck now....somthing happened to the company i forget why. try 21-13 boards by uncle mike, they are in the same area as ezera but build killer boards.

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    Really light on the glass and not much entry rocker, boards are shaped in Southern Cali and it shows. Tend to be more suited for a slopier reef break then the dumpy beachbreaks we get around here. I did have a rocketfish quad that I absolutely loved until it snapped, the 2 standard thrusters I had were meh....