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  1. tractioon pad on 7'8'' fun board

    Freak Traction makes a nice pad for a longer board but im on the fence with it any opinions?

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    i wouldn't waste your money. never really saw the need for a pad on longer boards.

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    Buy three pads for that thing. The more pads the more traction you will have.

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    r u surfin high waves

  5. not really i go to new jersey, del,md.. nothing to wild..

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    u surf winter?

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    tractioon pad on 7'8'' fun board

    Where on the deck would you put a traction pad? You have a board that's big enough that not only can you shift your weight on it, but you can also move your feet to step closer/farther from the nose as you surf. Use that to your advantage for surfing different breaks and conditions, and just use wax! (wax is also a hell of a lot easier to remove and replace, too!)

  8. over the fins..

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    Haven't you seen any big wave vids and the clips from the 90's. They are always rockin some crazy traction pads that make their entire board look like a cheese grater.

    Something like this:


    Although I personally prefer just wax

  10. yea them big boy pads are a little intense.. lol. if anything i was thinking just a back trac pad..
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