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Thread: Reports today

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    Reports today

    What was with the surf reports today, surfline saying 2-3ft is way off. I surfed spring lake early around 5:30 and it was easily chest head high and even overhead on some sets.

    I knew some size would show because of the decent swell period, but not sure what some of these dudes who write up reports are seeing at 5am to call it 2-3ft.

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    the footage is from the bouys right? and when you take into account the swell peroid that determines what is actually breaking on the beach, like a long period coupled with a relatively small footage can equal what we had yesterday, because yesterday after work it was going off were i was , not the cleanest but the size was fun as hell.

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    Yea I hear ya, I knew it would be decent size with 4.3ft @8 sec at 5am, figure some 5ft-6ft sets would sneak in there with the incoming tide. By 6:30 it was mid-tide and you could really see some nice peaky sets come through.

    Anyway, still fun, lot of paddling and water moving though.

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    as soon as my noon meeting is done i'm in the water.

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    haha yeah. It is killing me being at work right now. Can't wait to hit the water this afternoon, hopefully it doesn't turn into chop tonight.

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    Real fun today. kinda dropped off a little in size as the incoming came.. worth a check later

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    hope it holds up for the afternoon session... out of work at 330 today

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    Santa Teresa

    Check the Santa Teresa Costa report, can't wait until September!