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    UMM long island surf?

    Hey im up in rocky point, and i came up from myrtle beach.
    Surf looks good here but where should i go?
    Like tmrw looks about shoulder at the hamptons. Where do most of the surfers go?

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    I can't give you a lot of advice about new york breaks, but I can tell you that you are going to love the surf in New York as compared to Myrtle Beach. So much more swell, and definitely some quality breaks out there. Always a good idea to stop by the local shops and get the info on the main breaks.

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    There'z no playce left 2 surf here dood. u've got 2 optionz basicalleey right now. montauk pt. or long beach. if u longboard, ditch plains. if u can park without gettin' busted by thu westhampton pigz, try westhampton jetties. but all thu breaks around here are dead. i've lived here all my life and it usta b good here. but no more.