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    Board Selection???

    I am a new surfer and currently ride a 7'-6" Ashton. If it were your money would it be worth getting a fish shape for the conditions here in the delmarva area? I usually get to the obx at least once a year as well. Does the size of the board also relate to the size of the surfer riding it? Any help is appreciated...

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    Contrary to the lies we have been telling our wives/girlfriends over the years, size does matter. A heavier surfer is going to need a board with more volume--longer, wider and thicker. A heavy guy needs the extra foam to float him so's he can paddle fast enough to catch the wave early. If a big guy paddles a little board, it will tend to plow in the water and slow him down (unless he is Jordy Smith who can probably outswim Michael Phelps) causing him to miss waves or catch them too late to have any fun on. It is way easier to turn a big board than it is to paddle a little one.

    There are tons of options with fish shapes that can put more foam in the board. Hook up with a good shop/shaper and try to see if you can test ride a couple of boads before you buy. A basic longboard is also worth considering so you can ride in minimal conditions and still have fun.

    Don't worry about what the cool kids are riding. Get something that works for your weight, fitness level and skill set. A good shaper will steer you in the right direction if you are clear and honest with him regarding your abilities and the surf you are wanting to tackle on your new board.

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    Board Selection???

    If you are a beginner I would stay above a 6'3". If you are a fan of the outerbanks, look into WRV boards. They make great boards to fit the conditions of the east coast. I am currently riding my custom WRV 6'4" Tri-fin Super Fish which works great surfing the Naval Jetties in Delaware.

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