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For those who know,..the sand dunes in OC have really grown in recent years. It appears that many of the dune grasses have really started to take hold. ( I believe there was a planting of dune grass a number of years back to try and bring the dunes back some) I have noticed that the heavy winter storms that push sand up and over the top of the dunes bury the grasses. But this has allowed them to further entrench themselves. Once the spring and summer hits, the grasses really blossom. The dunes have increased in size as a result as well as the grasses. It would seem the planting of the grasses have and are working to restore the dunes to a more natural state. Many dunes are ripe and ready and have the base to be able to support trees now, not all but many do.

I believe now is the time to further this dune growth by planting pines and trees like you would find on the dunes in CI, AI, FI/DE. I understand that this idea would run into some road blocks due to many hotels/motels in OC saying that the view would be blocked for some of their lower level floors.

So I was hoping for some feed back, what does everyone think. Would this be a good idea? Would the OC council approve it>>>the planting of trees in/on the dunes?

If you have every been down to CI or AI you have got to love how the dunes are so alive with grass, trees, flowers, berries and different plants that you just do not see in OC anymore. If you love the Ocean you have got to have a love for the environment around it.

So what do you think? What are the chances, pros and cons?