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    yo mama's like a vacume cleaner.she sucks,blows and spends all day gettin laid in the closet

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    your mom goes to college
    a man walked into a bar with a carrot in his ear. The next day he walked into the bar wiith a carrot in his ear and the bartender was wondering why he would have a carrot in his ear, the bartender wanted to ask but the guy left before he could. So the following day the man walked into the bar with the carrot in his ear, and the bartender said' why do u have a carrot in your ear' and the man replied' i cant hear you because i have a carrot in my ear.'

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    guy decides to join a monestary-sp?- he is only allowed to speak 2 words every 10 years...
    - 1st 10 years pass and the "head-monk" ask for him to speak his 2 words...he replies "food bad".
    - another 10 years pass, again "head-monk" ask him to speak, he replies "bed hard.
    - another decade passes, head-monk asks him to speak, he says "i quit"
    "head monk replies, "doesnt surprise me, you've done nothing but complain since you've been here!"