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    Anyone heading up to Baltimore next weekend to see them? I'm going for sure, but have no tickett... been sold out for months, and I'd rather not pay a bundle in the lot.

    anyone got one for sale?

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    Check They should still have some, and at the best prices. Unfortunately, unless you're lucky enough to get your tickets through the phish lottery, you're going to have to pay more, thanks to ticketmaster! hope you get there! This will be my first show since coventry, and i can't wait!

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    try stubhub

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    try going to the parking lot and trading some nug straight up for a ticket... works every time

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    i'd say skip the show. they basically set the whole tour up so that instead of tickets getting in the hands of fans they ended up in the hands of middle-man ticket agencies. thats what happens when you only make them available on the internet. gone are the days of mail-order and camping out at the local ticketmaster. phish is not worth a couple hundred bucks to see, they never were. this coming from someone who has seen them at their best (hampton 97 comes to mind).

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    You're not gonna have to pay a couple hundred to see them. That's absurd. Keep looking and you'll find something for a little over face. Im goin to CT and SPAC. I have tix through the lottery for both. If worse comes to worst depending how far you drive you'll prob be able to find one in the lot the day of the show for pretty cheap.