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    BMW 328i For Sale and other things

    Hi, I have finally gained enough money to purchase a new car, thanks cash for clunkers and I'm selling my 1992 BMW E36 328i for $1500 which didn't make the cut for less then 19 MPG it makes 20 MPG lol.The car is in fair condition (appearance wise). The car runs great but has some minor issues but are mostly cosmetic and on the interior, the driver's front seat has leather tearing (but nobody can see it while your sitting) and the cloth lining of the car is tearing, not the prettiest thing. The Exterior of the car is in pretty great shape I must say except for a couple of small dings and scratches here and there (nothing serious). Like I said the Interior is not the prettiest thing in the world but it gets you where you need to go and can be a quick little thing if you want it to.
    NO WATER DAMAGE on the interior so don't worry

    5 speed manual, Clutch in Decent shape.
    172k miles

    So if your in the Long Branch area and are Interested give me a call at 732-610-8069
    Serious buyers only

    I also have a
    5'10" chemistry board for sale swallow tail $175
    6'2" WRV round Tail very narrow deck gun like slight damage YOU NAME THE PRICE CALL 908-675-3401
    6'4" Lost fish $200
    Haro BMX bike no brakes YOU NAME THE PRICE CALL 908-675-3401

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  2. can you post some pics of the Chemistry board? Good luck selling your car, you'll get more looks posting it on autotrader or ebay... what kinda new whip are you gettin?

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    can't tell from the pics. dings? waterlogged at all?

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    post a picture of the wrv

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    The chemistry has very very minor dings and is not water logged.
    The wrv has a cracked tail.

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