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    interesting. I have been looking at real estate down in carolina beach area. That geogrpahy is the closest set-up to ocean beach, where I live now... So with all of that being said, I am aware that CB is only about 10 blocks wide and is surrounded by water, so my assumption is that CB/Kure beach get evacs quite frequently during cane season.... So, teh Cape Fear river etc, doesn't really have any flooding effects on the central downtown areas of wilmington?

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    As I was saying before, when the surf is good the hurricane conditions are not bad... When hurricane conditions are bad, you wont be missing any good surf. When you do have a coastal landfall, if you are on the south side of the storm, you can get offshore winds, which are not as dangerous since it doesn't bring the storm surge. But, generally, you'll wait until the storm moves away... Surfing in 70mph offshore winds is no good. 30mph offshore winds is another story.

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    Tropical storms are highly unpredictable. Conditions to consider: swell, wind, rain, tidal surge, flooding, local topography, infrastructure and more. Depending upon the area, and the building codes, evacuations may be order hours or days in advance of the predicted landfall. It is not unusual to evacuate the Outer Banks days in advance because there are limited exit routes and the infrastructure is not extensive. If you want to do your due diligence, I suggest you check the population densities, topography, road infrastructure and the emergency management plans for the communities you are considering.

    In a nutshell, SC and NC are vulnerable, MD and DE less so. Ditto for VA.

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    Ok, I guess a more specific example of what my question is.... Last fall (if I remember correctly) there was a full-on hurricane. It was coming up from the southeast and it was aimed direclty at northern South Carolina, and Central North Carolina.... (mid-september maybe)

    The reason I watched this so closely, is that my fiance has family in Hilton Head island, SC. I watched the storm and about 1 days before it made land fall, it shifted up north a little and completely missed hilton head. They only got 30MPH wind and some rain...

    My question is, in a situation like that last year, where it was a pretty substantial hurricane, and it did make land fall around wilmington if I remember correctly...

    Did everyone stay in town for that? Were you evacuated?

    I guess my general question was this... Does One have to Leave town (usually) if evacuated, right during the best time for the surf? Or is is usually, by the time that the storm is close enough to shore to evacuate, the surf is already blown to **** because the storm is right there...