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    N.J.Water quality

    Last week when I had a session I noticed the water with a lovely brown color ,surfed anyway and now Im sick as a dog.Just curious if anyone else is hacking up a storm.Hows your water quality been where you surf?

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    during that time when we had waves for awhile a week or two ago i noticed how clear and nice the water was. the other places i visited in july, florida and maryland both had very murky water. what luck.

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    Ya it was pretty murky especially since a lot of the good Northern NJ breaks are next to drainage pipes and those storms where passing through. I noticed some smells and that's why I try not to drink the water when I surf

    No worries though cause it's a good time to be sick when there are no waves...

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    friday it was really nice and super clear it was the first time in a while that i could actually count my toes ( in alhenhurst)

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    It hasn't seemed too bad to me this summer. On Saturday the water was fine in Asbury Park. The only sketchy water I noticed this summer was in Deal around the end of May.

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    i usually surf the asbury area as well and thought the water looked especially clear this summer. i'm in the l.b.i area for a couple weeks and surfed last sat,mon windswell and this fri and the water was crystal clear with a greenish blue color . reminiscent of carribean ocean. tons of cow nose rays though. creepy! otherwise real nice and warm and seemed clean. but you never know with all the road runoff what can be lurking that you can't see

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    I went out at Sandy Hook last week (windsurfing oceanside- no waves really) just south of the Cove and the water quality was absolutely horrible. I couldn't believe they were letting people swim. It was dark brown with brown bubbles all over the surface and a lot of floating litter (bags, bottles and other junk). I'm guessing it's runoff from all the rain we've had. Anyway, I'm lucky I didn't get sick. We need a good storm to flush all this crap out.