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    i made the mistake of swimming in some nasty water with to good old brown foam, yeah . . . three infections later i am finally back in the water

  2. One should not be so quick to mistaken water quality with turbidity which is most influenced by wind, tide and sand grain size. This summer has had many days with particularly clear water, especially on flat days when the wind is blowing light offshore.

    If, you are worried about contaminants then avoid surfing in areas where point source pollution is possible i.e the broken down pier that have fumes and oil spitting rides and/or near runoff areas after a storm event.

    Personally, I've never had a serious problem in NJ (not to say its not possible to catch an infection in the water). The water quality in NJ is much much better than it was 20 years ago since instating various water quality testing programs. I think NJ surfers have much less to worried about compared to our neighbors on the west coast.