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    Get a Grip


    Everyone needs to not get their panties in a bunch. It was an accident! Its just the fact that no one looked into it, before posting a bunch of bs comments, and acting like your going to do something about it! And apparently you guys haven't seen a video of pipe, where someone gets dropped in on, and then takes it too the beach, to seriously injure the person via fist, surfboard to the face. Get over it people. Accidents do happen
    Do you all feel strong typing into that keyboard, because all it shows is how ignorant you are.

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    I try to avoid the confrontation,but do believe what goes around comes around

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    The funny thing is that NO ONE has said anything good about him, and no one has looked into it because those that have surfed around this guy instantly assumed he did it on purpose. That says something about the lack of character about Sterling. Accident or not Sterling Spencer is evidently a douche.

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    that was done on was spencer hitting that guy.2 wrongs end up making a right worth watching.keep up the stupidity ladies!

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    What month was this vid shot in?

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    After reading all the comments and finally seeing the video, I say good job Sterling. I'm not entirely sure Sterling planned to hit the guy but guys who drop in like that need to learn. You drop in on someone like that, you might as well spit in the guys face. I'm all for people learning to surf but dropping in is completely out of control and very dangerous. I say quit hating Sterling, hate the kooks who drop in then want to sue because they get beat down. I'd rather surf packed Rocky Pt. in Hawaii then some uncrowded spot with a bunch of kooks because kooks' lack of knowledge and understanding of the way it works in the water is very dangerous. You can't walk onto a basketball court in Brooklyn and step in front of someone playing and take the ball away from him. Why can you do it in surfing? You get shot in BK for that. Don't drop in and nothing will happen to you. If you do you deserve a crack or in SS's case, to get landed on. I never met Sterling but ask Brett Simpson how he's deals with the crowds and kooks at HB Pier. Enough's enough. Kooks, check yourself or get dealt with. There are rules.
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    i grew up in gulf breeze, FL, went to school with abigail and i remember when he was in diapers. my brother used to be sponsored by his sterling sr.'s shop, i live on the outer banks of NC. and all i know is he was up here last year getting super deep on the heaviest sets of the day. mind bending barrels. i was like, "wtf, that kid has grown up." big ups to the kid. he shreds. it's easy to sit back and call him names..but he travels the world unlike most of us, his father pioneered gulf coast surfing, and sterling surfs real waves, with real tenacity... i wouldn't drop in on him or anyone else anyways. what the hell was that kid thinking. sterling, next time, try not to kill somebody. you are lucky.respect
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    This whole thread points to a couple of problems in mindset that are sadly too prevalent in surfing.

    Ignorance vs Arrogance
    On one side we have the so called "Kooks" who do not understand the protocols of the environment they have entered. They only look at the wave they want to catch and completely miss the fact that that guy over there was up first, is closest to the curl etc... it's clearly HIS wave and you should back off. There will be another one in a few minutes. A few gentle words would be all it takes to correct their behavior, pointing out what they are doing and why it is so wrong. A little tiny bit of friendly social shaming would not hurt them and in later days most would look back and thank you for helping them find their way.

    On the other side we have the "Locals" who know the ropes and are just plain frustrated with the intrusions into their environment. They only see the waves they miss and forget that once upon a time they were new to this too, the rules of the lineup are not posted anywhere, somebody helped them out and told them. They could be that guiding hand that made the water better for everyone is they could only see that "kook" as another person for just a second.

    I've looked at that video closely. A lot of people have. It was pretty clearly NOT an accident. The fact that it has suddenly disappeared says a lot. It speaks to Sterling's probable embarrassment at the bad behavior on display. That's not entirely a bad thing. The comments here have clearly hit a nerve as well, hopefully this young man will take it to heart and maybe try and take it down a notch. He can still be a good surfer without coming off as a tool. Lots of guys do it.

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    Sterling Spencer

    The link further down the page worked fine. I don't care if he's the #1 pro surfer in the world. If Spencer did that to me, he'd be in a wheel chair! I'm sure I'd have plenty of help too. Pure arrogance!!!!

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    after watching the vid

    they both are wrong, he was plainly dropped in on. now spencer (i dont know **** about the guy) didnt have to ollie up on his back, thats kinda over kill and I would have wanted to whoop his ass good if he did that to me........but I also would not blatantly drop in on somebody like the smackee did. maybe the kids a cocky ****, i dont they both need to take some flak. I like in wilmington nc, all these m-fing kooks from all over america come to UNCW and want to be cool surfer doods. half of them dont know **** about surf "etiquette" as tony butler puts it. them dumbass's out there trying to learn (and we all had to learn @ one time) do need to learn it aint cool to snake and burn. im a 42yr old local, and I try to go to other spots when its good to escape the crowds and kooks. maybe cuz will think 2x about burnign somebody after this and maybe spencer will think 2x about how to deal with it after all the negative flak he has gotten.

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