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    I am trying to get sponsored by somebody. I'm 15 and been surfing for a few years. Im not bad anybody got ideas or any open opportunities ? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by get wet View Post
    I am trying to get sponsored by somebody. I'm 15 and been surfing for a few years. Im not bad anybody got ideas or any open opportunities ? Thanks.
    Surfing contests, Surfer hot 100, more contests, things like that.

  3. #3 i was looking at it and never got around to it.

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    do as many contests as you can.
    create a blog or web site, and post pictures and video of yourself surfing.

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    do it the old way. do contests, and if your good enough you'll get noticed. sponsors online are gay

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    Talk to EVERYONE good...

    I grew up, and skated, with some of the best skateboarders I've ever seen, and they all went thru this process. Just be open and put yourself next to the best waveriders you know. Be the little twit that is always hanging around.

    Anyone remember PIT CREW???

    Good luck and just keep going, sponsorship = travel and experience.

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    First off, good luck, really. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Now, be honest with yourself,.... are you ok? Good? do you really think you got what is needed to compete and win, over and over, and over? do you think you have talent? Skills? And more important, do others think you do and have said as much? the best indicator as to whether you have a shot is what others are saying about your surfing.

    Now this is not always the case. I know I have called a specific person out as a kook, when he was just starting out. But man, let me tell you,.. this current ripper.. Blew the hell up over an 8 month period a few years back and is now what I would consider one of the most well rounded and consistent out in our local lineups. This guy is fluid, (his flow on a wave is close to perfect?<<maybe not the right word>>> most of the time), no stutters on any part of the wave,.. sticks most all his airs and works the crap out of any size wave I see him on. And No it is not Vince B. He knows who he is.

    even in this small town I have run across persons who have claimed to be sponsored, parents that claim their sons are sponsored, and some who think they should be sponsored.

    either way, not calling anyone a liar, but percentages are against any of their claims.

    Those who are good know it and other do as well. I suck, but I know what talent looks like. You got to call a spade a spade. So do not take what I said as discouragement. Be one of those guys that make someone like me eat my words, like the above person I mentioned,..being a critic is the easy part. going out against the odds and making it happen for yourself is the hard part.

    One thing that seems to be certain is that if you have any real natural talent, it usually shows up within the first couple of years. I am sure there are those/have been those,. that make it,.. through plain hard work, but I can also imagine that those are even fewer then the ones that have real talent and skills.

    Good luck and don't let it ever stop being fun for you.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    get your name out their with the shops. get your name in local surf magazine. and finally make yourself a website and send shops links that have photos good photos not crappy photos and videos same thing good not crappy and video should at least be 2 mins with good surfing in every size of wave and condition.

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    do esa. go to to find out when the contest are. my brother went on a website he got some decent stuff we got a go pro half off.

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    If you rip your local break then the sponser reps will find you...