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    theres no p in ool-leave it that way!

    I'm sure it makes the water alot warmer near-shore!!

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    so its super flat the other day and im riding my bike down the board walk and just it hits me that at that moment there may have been as many as 10,000 people in the water from 1-42 street i terrible at guessing numbers of people but it was basically shoulder to shoulder but my point is does the volume of all those people in the water have any effect on the ocean, i know the ocean is massive and all that but it seems to me it would have some effect, even if you put the smallest ice cube in your glass your still not going to have the same volume of water as you would in an ice cube less glass .
    Mmm no wonder why August is famous for flat month because of millions of people swimming in the Ocean! Water has rise sea level too much that kill swells!...

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    It probably matters about as much as some dust particles falling into your cup of water. An ice cube would be like if the world was hit by a NEO but we'd all be gone anyhow.