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    sector 9=]
    the longer board u get the more like surfing it feels like

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    sector 9 is the most widely known brand. they have some stuff, but mostly its all entry level, not much performance. they are kind of like soft tops to a lesser extreme

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    Started out with a carveboard back in 03. They are fun on moderate sloped hills but don't handle well at higher speeds and like a previous poster said, you need transpo to get back up hill. Can be fun but speed wobbles will get you killed, and they are very difficult to stop. I also feel that they are too heavy, but if you want a surfy feel it's the way to go.

    Next I bought a loaded vanguard. Fun cruiser, carver, slides, does it all. You can skate around town or bomb hills. Not the best for hills but you can change the set-up to improve downhill performance.

    Now, along with my vanguard I ride a Original Hybrid 35. Super fun board that rides a lot like a short board. It's really loose off the tail and you can mimick alot of what you do in surfing on the asphalt.

    My favorite of the 3 is the vanguard. It's an all around board that does it all. You can walk, cruise, carve, slide, whatever you throw at it, it will handle.
    Least favorite is the carveboard. Too heavy, too restrictive on what you can do.

    My advice, go with an Original. They have several models to choose from and their customer service is great. Loaded skateboards are great, but I would wait until you've been riding for a minute before you invest in one of their models.

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    also kracked skulls is always an option and a really good one at that awesome cuisers.


    scratch and dent sale

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    Cheers to everyone for the suggestions. I think I'm going to go with an Original because I dig that they're local and seem to have good quality/service. Now I just have to decide on the model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoneybaloney View Post
    Thanks guys. Sounds like Sector 9 is pretty popular. I remember Flexdex from like 15 years ago! One of my friends had one and it was fun to ride. Anyone else like them?
    Yeah i have one and i love it (cllassic rt 29) but i'm low on cash and have to sell it...i'll sell it within your price range if your interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckinVA View Post has one up now for $80.
    back up, you've got a little over half an hour left to pick it up....

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    It doesn't seem like a bad board. I'm thinking of picking it up myself. Never heard of Gold Coast boards but the price is right.