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    doesnt seem like anything special though.. will get you from point a to point b in a not very exciting way

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    She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine...

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    Hah, I'm 30 with a 8 week old girl. Just getting out of my tiny townhouse is excitement enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay cagney View Post
    sounds like original is the company you are looking for.

    they have trucks that don't ride like any other, and are comparable to loaded boards but much cheaper. on flat ground you can pump for miles without pushing. also really easy to slash

    i have the apex 34 with s8 trucks. they are based out of NJ too, cool guys. they all surf.

    F**k YEAH! I have a hybrid 35 and the thing is just SICK right out of shipping! you can get it set up for however you like before they even ship it to you (spring tension, bearings, wheels, etc) It's been my daily cruiser for about 4 months now. Theyre outta Jersey so shipping is only a day. prices are very fair!

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    i picked up a 44" MBS twin tip two years ago for 80 bucks on overstock. it's not a real carder due to unfortunate deck layout, but it downhills bombs like a dream. I plan to do some cutouts on the deck this winter to help with performance.

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    I make custom longboards and what I can reccomend is that you choose a board that is over 52 inches. I would reccomend getting a board with camber which is one specialty of Loaded longboards. The one thing that i would reccomend is not buying a complete from any one brand. Independent 215 are great trucks for a board over 52 inches. Then for berrings the brand doesnt really matter as long as you get ABEC 7 berrings. WIth wheels for a 52 inch board I would get Sector Nine 70mm 78a wheels. THis setup may run you some cash but it is worth it in the end