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    Angry Dammnnn its flatttttttttttt

    looks like epic fishing on the gulf coast for the next week. Robert August going to be at ohanna surf in gtown according to billy and ruthie thanks guys for everything you do everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We now must beat the drums made from the hurricane wood. . . Tropical Storm Ana will be hitting Florida around Thursday, so maybe we'll get some waves. Surfin' in the rain. . .

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    it's just so's a tune to jam, it may help.

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    Looks like waves on the first day of class.

    May have to skip once again

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    yea lol im going right after i get outa class.

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    Ah screw it, I'm gettin' a skateboard. . . .

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    fml... ive been longboardskateboarding so much... going insane. Worst summer ever hands down. beer and girls are actually getting old. i want waves damnit!