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Thread: Wakeboarding

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    I'd like to see how many of you wakeboard in the mid atlantic region along with surfing. I'm getting to the intermediate stages of the sport and love it.

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    Mar 2008
    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i freeboard more than wakeboarding as freeboarding is more like surfing and your not strapped on to a board instead your just using a surfboard mostly shortboards and ride the line launch airs do what ever you can do while surfing but behind a boat and on your surfboard.

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    wake boarding is a lot of fun, wish i went out more. boats cost a lot

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    Apr 2007
    Virginia Beach
    its all about that wake skating 4 me. Wakeboarding is still good fun though, it helps me with my snowboarding. Keeps me spinning, flipping, grabbing, all that good stuff...

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    I got one of them water bikes that keeps me in shape 4 da waves and stuf. Its alot about kideboarding to that is a really fun sport but only 4 like da strongest guys and stuff. you ned to tri it out sometimes.

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    Wakeboarding is kinda lame. Sorry that's just how I feel I guess no one is really into it enough for it to be legit in the mid coast region. I think more people are into snowboarding in the area. You need good flat lakes for the best results from what I gather.

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    I do it all the time behind my dads fishing boat. When theres waves, not so much, but the last few weeks or so ive gone at least 10 times in the lynhaven river and fishing is fun too.

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    believe it or not, flat lakes do exist in the mid atlantic region. snowboards good too, but you dont snowboard in the summer.

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    the people on here who are locals and go surfing everyday live right on the shore and usually the areas around them dont have many lakes but many many rivers only thing is these rivers arent the most ideal places to wakeboard. theyre infested with jellyfish that are annoying as !. if you got the money head out west to some lake for a week but most of us would rather sit here waiting for waves then missing out.

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    Just inland from OC there are a ton of people that wakeboard. If you are ever out on the Wicomico or Nanticoke River or the Marshy HopeCreek- you'll see a few boats every weekend w/ guys trailing behind doing big grabs, spins, and stuff. I ride with a few of my friends but am not nearly as good, best I can do is a big grab with a stalled look back. But, if you throw a surfboard under my feet, well...... just check the profile pic- that was a few years back down in Charleston and I can still destroy a wake.

    p.s. Kenny Sampson is a semi-pro wakeboarder from Salisbury, MD. He's down in FL now to do it year round.