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    New OFF the LIP Episode out NOW!!!

    Check out the new OFF The LIP episode... over 17 minutes long!

    Go to Channel 5

    TSSC footage with Womens LB Champ Lauren Kenney (SD)
    Comedy skit (HD)
    Random $#1+ (SD)
    Interview w/ TGSA Prez Julie Doyle (HD)
    LB Surfing (HD)

    Hope you enjoy it.

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    I could'nt find it...
    It can't be on youtube its to long..

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    Quote Originally Posted by les freese View Post
    I could'nt find it...
    It can't be on youtube its to long..
    Yeah... it had technical difficulties so I pulled it...
    Now that I've got it fixed, I can't get it to upload... weird too cause it's the same size...
    Been trying to upload it since Friday morning.... it gets to like 60% then freezes.

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    It freezes while uploading on Vimeo or Youtube? Whats the file size and format?
    I might be able to help alittle bit.. I have ran into the problem a few times..

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    you can upload videos with no limit at megavideo. the only problem with that site is the annoying pop up when you click on the video.

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    Well, it took me 2 days to fix the issues,
    but you can now see Texas' only 'Surfing Lifestyle/Culture' show in HD

    on Texas Surf TV (

    Go to channel 5


    Laren Kenny at the TSSC - shot in SD
    a Surf Comedy skit - HD
    Random $#1+ - SD
    Interview w/TGSA President Julie Doyle - HD
    Longboarding @ Packery - HD

    THANK YOU ALL for your patience!!!