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    Northender Guest


    Anyone else have or made an alaia. Here is a pic of one i built.
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    it looks like its a tree to me.

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    nice build Northender.

    Ive been wanting to build an alaia for quite some time but just dont have the time. What are the dims on that bad boy? Also, what did you do for the bottom contours and rails? Tom Wegener does a pretty deep single concave and sharp rails. (for those of you who dont know Wegener is kind of the Alaia guru, re-introduced the 'modern' alaia and made them fashionable. He and his crew also do some amazing surfing on them). He also does a more parabolic shape but your fish tail looks pretty interesting. Any ride reports?

    EDIT- By the way, what did you use? Pine?
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  4. Very nice! What are the dims? Rails? What kind of bottom do you have going on there? What kinda wood?

    Questions man! I have questions that need answers!

    I'm going to work on a couple of hand planes this week for body surfing. I'm stoked. If I don't completely f it up, I will give the Alaia a shot next week. I'm really digging the hand planes that Danny Hess is putting out there. It motivated me to make some myself.

    What assortment of tools, glue, and clamps are you using if you don't mind me asking more questions? Are you using Lindseed oil or something else to finish it?

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    Northender Guest
    Wow a lot of questions. Ummm it is 5'2 by 16 by 3/4 of an inch. I used douglas fir for the wood. Tools were plane, jig saw, circular saw, a lot of sand paper, electric sander. I did not use clamps I glued the 1 by 4s together and then placed buckets of paint, huge water jugs on top of the wood to hold them down. It took about a week for the glue to dry. (for the glue I used liquid nails.) The bottom of the alaia i built is flat. But the next one I build Is going to have a slight concave. I used lin seed oil mixed with mineral spirits for the finish. I used three coats. The board has sharp rails. No ride reports yet, but I was intending for the board to be 5'8 and you know how that goes, its a 5'2 now. What else... I sorta rounder the rails and nose of the board to help me from nose diving. Any more questions I would love to answer them. I had a really fun time building it, and im making plans for the next one.

  6. Bravo, thank you for taking the time to answer. Good work. I know how the 5'8 to a 5'2 thing goes, lol. Sh*t happens when your cutting.
    Liquid nails, eh? I bought some Gorilla Glue to try based on some recomendations.
    You can still go back to that board and add some contors to the bottom, no? I would imagine that the flatness could make riding it a bit more of a challenge. Well, not the ride, but turning it, lol.

    Good for you, man. Nice work. Tell us how it rides. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff.

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    Northender Guest
    I could add contour to the bottom but im too lazy. I would have to shave it down then sand, then more coats of lin seed oil. I just think it would be too much work. But im going to do that on the next one i build. Next one im going to make it like the peanut by tom wegner. Probally a 6'8 or 6'6

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    Do you plan on riding it prone or standing? Depending on your size/weight a 5'2'' seems pretty small for stand-up.

    By sharp rails do you mean they look like this > or like this ] . If you know what i mean...

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    Northender Guest
    im 14 i am 5'8 and way 130, I was intending to make the board bigger but since it was my first build i made some bad cuts and mistakes so its a 5'2 and by sharp rails i mean like ] and like) its a cross between ] and )