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    That is the inlet I am talking about but way inside towards the bayside beach. I have seen waves breaking right out in the inlet but that would be insane with currents. Further inside the inlet though some waves might be breaking in calmer waters.

    I am definetly going to have my friend check Sunset beach towards the Ferry on Saturday to see what is up. The ferry might be a fun ride....

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    socal and ocnj


    anybody stoked about monday? i really cant wait because i have a feeling it will be worth the drop in size

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    Quote Originally Posted by conway View Post
    **** man, i don't have any sort of equipment for DOH surf, the best i got for that kind of juice is a 6'5" squashtail that's 15 years old.

    pray for me or something, i'll need it.
    The first time I rode surf in the 10-12' range it was on a Hobie Noserider without a leash. Get over it already and either do, or don't do it. [Not you personally, conway, rthetorically.] On the other hand, do as others have said: no bailing your board with people around you - eat it. Paddle out if you wish, to get the feel of the water and the energy moving through the water. But, most importantly, observe the currents and have an exit strategy.

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    what madness!!!!!!! True enough, with this many page views that google rank should be spiking

    Sure has brought out all types as well, that is for sure. But it is all good, minus the few trolls and negative speaks here and there.

    one for the record books no doubt.

    Just a little more info to do an average: The one other reliable site is calling for 6 to 8 feet long period swell for Sat and Sun. Remember the difference between near shore and off shore. This other site is giving info for near shore.

    A real 6 to 8 around here is more then plenty for most, and under clean conditions it is epic for sure and the need for much bigger could be called into question. Add in warm water which we almost never ever get with swell this size and the potential for getting an over dose of tunnel vision,.. is almost guaranteed. Hope your hearts are in good condition!

    I also think that 6 to 8 may be understating it, but..who knows.

    As far as the surfline thing goes, if they were smart, they would set up contacts with sites/this site and allow those more in the know (locally) to provide at the least supplemental data to make their own forecasts better. Providing a link to Micah's site would do wonders for swellinfo and may lend more credibility to surfline as well. For that matter, who needs to pay for surfline? I average the two, swellinfo and the other one? and it is somewhere in the 90 percentile range ever time.

    Be safe, have fun, know your limits and everyone who has what it takes to paddle out, remember to look out for each other out there. Only few make it on these types of swells, so you know you are among friends in these conditions.

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    Good advice xgen.

    On another note, try checking out I think the predictions there seems much more realistic. I use that site quite often (as well as swell info) and that site is almost always dead on.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. Be safe everyone.

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    alrite so im a 13 year old bodyboarder and ive been in 6 foot before maybe a lil bit bigger but anyways im gettin a new board on friday definititely a BZ but i want it 2 be suitable for this weekends conditions what should i get?

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    I have surfed the bay during hurricane swells when I was a kid. Most memorable was Bertha in 96. Head high and barreling right in front of my house........not to mention I was in a neck brace with a broken neck all was my dad pissed when he realized I paddled the neck brace.

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    the problem with the delaware bay is there is a breakwater in the mouth of the bay, that will shut down most of the swell energy. Or else, the Del. Bay could light up, but this isn't what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    the problem with the delaware bay is there is a breakwater in the mouth of the bay, that will shut down most of the swell energy. Or else, the Del. Bay could light up, but this isn't what happens.
    Yup, pray for wave refraction.

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    inlets gonna be a joke...just like every weekend, so ur better off sleeping in and not surfing inlet