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    Please list your height, weight and what size board you plan on riding in the 12'14' surf. Also include the size board you normally ride around here.

    I'm 5'8" 160 lbs. and I'm planning on picking up a 6'4" or 6'6" (can't decide).

    I normally ride a 6'1" firewire in anything up to head high.

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    i might try the bay. no way im going out on tripple

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    triple OH is pretty ridiculous, ive never seen a forecast like this for my area, anxious to see how it turns out and what something of this size does to our sandbars.

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    Yeah, I'm 5'8" 130, and broke.

    So i'm stuck on my 5'11'' Groveler... there's no way I'm not going out though so we'll see...

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    i'm already waxing up my 6'6" ashton!

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    haha same here 5'10 145ish and all i got is a 5'11 quadfin with hardly any rocker and tiny fins... not sure if me or my board can handle triple overhead

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    5'8 here...about 170. 6'11 quad retro fish..
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveyB View Post
    triple OH is pretty ridiculous, ive never seen a forecast like this for my area...

    Yeah the last time i saw it as big (and clean...light offshores) as some of the forecasts for this weekend was March 11, 2004 when it was clean and 14 feet @ 14 seconds. Way bigger than Ernesto, Noel, etc.

    Obviously OC wasn't holding it...i remember standing at 47th st and seeing waves unloading (shoaling) about 1/2 mile out, reforming and shoaling again about 1/4 mile out, and then finally dumping hard on the outer sandbar at maybe DOH. Way further out, the inlet shoals were boiling and frothing all the way up to maybe 30th St. (parts that dont normally break). Needless to say it wasnt remotely ridable despite the light NW that size there are no longer "rip currents" so to speak, just huge masses of water moving around in every direction tearing up the waves and creating like 2 foot cross chop on the wave faces. DE was like 10 foot and closing out something stupid.

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    I'm 5"8 155lbs and I'll be riding a 6"5 thruster 18 3/4, 2 1/4 I think this board is actually a little too big for me but still waiting on new 5"10 fish hybrid.

    I would rather have like a 6"1 or 6"2, think that would be perfect. The 6"5 is a good time, but I get tired trying to duck dive with it repeatdely vs. a smaller board that you can push easier underwater. This board is perfect for these types of swells, unfortunately, it's rare we get many of them and Im still getting used to riding it in bigger surf.

    In smaller surf since I'm 5"8 I cant turn if that well, def need like 5"11 or 6"0 as my go to board in the future.

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    Should be fun weekend and and early next week. I doubt it will be 3X overhead i am gonna say solid 6-8' wit 10' sets winds seem to look okay right now but the forecast will change atleast a dozen times by the weekend.