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    Question History

    Where can I find vintage film or articles about bodyboarding. I'm 29 years old and have been surfing since the early ninties. I have some of my old Bodyboarding Magz from back then, but I'm really interested in the roots, like pre-1985 when it first really took off. The legends like Mike Stewart, Ben Severson and Keith Sasaki had to come from somwhere.
    When did it really come into its own? Is there a documentary or something?
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    little general history

    All body boarding mags were created quite a few years after body boarding became a sport of its own. You need to research old surfer magazines. I remember there was an article about the Morey boogie board in it. The stand up model was the Morey-Doyle. Sorry I dont remember the year, definitely not the month. I still remember a quote from the article " you don't surf it, you boogie it". Hmmmm guess try around the mid to late 70's? Of course the Hawaiians were riding Paipos for a long long time...Just a couple of ideas to point you in the right direction.

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    Thanks for the reply. Morey Boogie started in 1971, and I know they were at least having pro contest as early as1980. It would be insane to see footage of that. I think I should change the name of my post, and maybe I'll get more views.

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    I wrote an essay for my college class. It was called "The History of Bodyboarding".