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    Quote Originally Posted by johnwest888 View Post
    Thanks man, good link.

    Oh yeah to the other guy, so I mispelled jettie, get over it
    Haha...... you spelled it wrong again.

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    is it*t

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    i mean no harm... i just could not pass up the opportunity for a joke with obvious star wars reference

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    Ha!!! Buuuurrrn!!!
    Oh wait, if you mean me lick sack, buddy, at least I can spell.

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    I could give a sh*t how to spell

    I've been surfing all my life, growing up in Honolulu and Florida, and could out surf most from the mid-atlantic. Just wanna surf.

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    Ok, thanks for the resume, tough guy. I'm going to give up deciding where to paddle out and just look for a nice spot on the beach where I can watch you show us all how it's done. Let me know if'n I can get you a Gatorade or something.

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    awesome man...bring a pen and paper too so you can take notes. Orange is my favorite flavor gatorade if you don't mind supplying those for me so I can rip even harder. I'll expect lunch too. Bring a towel so you don't have to sit in the sand

  8. Where in OC/DE do people think there will be the best chance of this swell being groomed out into ridable surf? Im thinking NIRI due to the inlet and deeper water. I'm not asking for anyones "secret spot" in OC, just wondering where the guys who know think will be more likely to turn out somethin good.

    P.S. i know everyone is gonna say Shoals but I dont have a boat and am really just looking to get some nice shots of people rippin on saturday if it really turns out to be in the range of DOH. Thanks guys