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  1. where'd he go? some people's stupidity is really amazing but at the same time quite sad... your too easy bro, stay in PA, i ****ing hate your people's lack of driving skills and feelings of entitlement when you bring your stink asses to OC. We got enough whitetrash here, don't need anymore of you or your kook skimboarding friends.

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    Wow, I just Googled "forum troll" and its pretty pathetic. I feel bad for anybody who spends their free time on that stuff.

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    You are a kook!

    Quote Originally Posted by PennRipper View Post
    I have been surfing in OC maryland for a long time (since 2006) and I know the place really well (IE best breaks and secret spots). NEway I went out to skim today and a dbag oc lifeguard started blowing his whistle at me. I kept going to prove that I was good and that he didnt have to worry and he got down and started giving me crap. I was like dude be cool about it and he kept sayin no. I was like f that and when he walked around i said F U ##shole hehe. Anyway- does anyone know why the homos wont let me skim (OR SURF) in the beach!? I say we all just do it anyway- the guards r lazy and dont do nething anyway.

    PS- im tryin to start a petition to get the guards OFF THE BEACH! ppl r better off not gettign hassled by a bunch of lazy college kids who get paid to do nothing except hassle people who actually r good at skimming and surfing

    Surf and Skim for Life! PEACE!!
    This must be a is has to be a joke. No one in their right mind would call them selves, "The Penn Ripper?"

    I wish you would come to my beach and speak under your sorry self like that to me! Boy, I'd have you crying for your Mother. Are you serioulsy trying to claim it? A petition? You are a complete IDIOT! You skim Board? Respect? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Rt. 1 north @ 75 mph is the best advice I can give you!

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    OBlove, I know you're the great lifegaurd defender but c'mon. You're better than that man. It's like Penn Ripper was trolling for you specifically and you still bit!

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    calling yourself local and your from where?get the hell out of here... please stop..i see everyone adding in their opinion and i want to put mine in, point being if i was standing by the water and you ran your skim board into the back of my legs or beat your ass.

    have a good day

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    this kid gives everyone from pa a bad rep.

    i go to ocmd prob around 30 times a year and i would never never consider myself a local. i do consider it as my usual place to surf tho.

    and skim board petition? right...

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    Yee Haw.....Pennsyltucky.....Don't gas up the tractor just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PennRipper View Post
    Dude i get down to oc at least 5 times a summer- im there almost as much as a local i think i should be allowed to skim when i want
    5 times a summer is nothing... stay in PA ***. and everyone who is a local knows u cant skim with lifegaurds. yeah they are ****s but they have jobs too and if u ruin surfing down there by being a **** we wont have surfing beaches anymore. and who the F*** skims oc

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    No he didn't

    Now KB4L appreciates the "dune angels" as much as the next kneeshredder. I am glad to have back up from your fellow pennsyltuckians whilst expanding the dimensions of kneeslashing. (you never know when you'll need them) But, cool ur jets, bro. Instead of having the town fire them, let's equip them with some worthwhile equipment... a SLR camera.

    Think about it, instead of standing up there voguing all day they could be capturing all of our shredding, knee and and skim alike!

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    if this guy knew anything about anything he would know that there aint no skimming when the guards are my friend are the d bag