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    strange pics of waves in hurricane bill

    i never saw this before, thought you guys would find it interesting

    The photo was taken on August 19 at 2157 UTC, from a NOAA P-3 Hurricane Hunter aircraft flying at 10,000 feet. The photo is taken looking WNW towards the eyewall. The towering clouds of the eyewall extend up to 50,000 - 55,000 feet in the photo, and the ocean surface is not visible, due to stratocumulus clouds covering the bottom of the eye. The center of the photo shows that the top of one of these stratocumulus clouds has a feature that looks like a breaking wave in the ocean. Well, that is an example of a breaking wave in the atmosphere known as a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability wave. The atmosphere behaves as a fluid, and thus has wave-like motions. When there is a sudden change of wind speed along the top of a cloud (wind shear), the flow can become unstable and cause breaking waves to form.


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    that's incredible. and did you see further down where he was saying the maximum wave height that the buoy read off of nova scotia was 87 feet with significant wave height at 44 feet?! insane.

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    Wow thats crazy.

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    yeah man, I see waves on the clouds all the time, especially around times when there will be waves.