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Thread: surf spots

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    surf spots

    ok so where are yall headed for this weekend?

    im in the vb area and im thinking 42th and if thats to busy to head for sandbridge.

    also i heard that theres going to be pro photographers in the water around 43

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    will it be closeing out at the north end?

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    Northender Guest
    hope not thats where im going to be! Where did you hear about the pro photogrpers, and both saturday and sunday?

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    I over heard some guys working at the surfshop talking about it. Are you surfing at 80th?

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    For the resort area 24th and surrounding seems to hold up to big swell suprisingly well. you gotta try Rudee just cuz ya gotta but it seems closed out when it's bigger.

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    will sandbridge do ok with swell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VAhasNOwaves View Post
    Are you surfing at 80th?
    North of 89th should be in play. What is the attitude of the property owners there?

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    there fine till you drift into fort story territory and they gripe at you.

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    Surfing restrictions are lifted if they Red-Flag it--Correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GCoop View Post
    Surfing restrictions are lifted if the Red-Flag it--Correct?
    I was going to ask the same thing. They actually let you in the water in the resort area? Like some others I was thinking about hitting the high streets or head down to Croatan or Sandbridge. Haven't been out enough in big surf there to know where the good deep breaks are. Guess I'm just going to have to luck out

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