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Thread: surf spots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    Rodanthe Pier or Frisco
    Fisco will be breaking miles out, i doubt aywear in the OBX will be rideable even with a pier to jump off of

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    so wheres the best place to surf in vabeach?

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    maybe the drainage pipes they placed 1000 feet off the shore at 79 will go off. Ive seen the north end big and perfect like double over head. But I have also seen the north end just awful double ver head close outs

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    Two places I can think of will be going off in NJ... Besides that I think it'll be a big closeout sesh.

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    Fishermans island

  6. Where are you OCMD and DE peeps thinkin of checkin? Wish I had a boat to see if Shoals is workin, hope someone that makes it out there gets some sick pics. Otherwise, if the conditions are true to the size of the reports I think the whole MD coastline will be cement wall closeouts pounding 200yds out, reforming, then closing out even harder on the shore. Suggestions? Thoughts and opinions?

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    I no of about 2 spots to in nj. stoked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northbeach View Post
    Where are you OCMD and DE peeps thinkin of checkin? Suggestions? Thoughts and opinions?

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    Ive seen 42nd go off head to double but not in a long time. I think 42nd - 49th will be able to handle most of this swell. Its not going to be as big as there saying. Id expect to see double at best on saturday. I dont give a **** either im going out fri sat and sun let them give me tickets. This doesnt happen every year. The way its looking this should be the best surf of the year so far I just hope there isnt many dumb ****s out in the water.

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    just south of the holiday inn broke awesome with that swell a month agao just north of laskin rd about a mile up

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