Hi guys - I used to be a member here a while back, but couldn't remember my info so I'm in with a new account..

Anyways - thanks to Bill we should have a fun weekend I'm going bodyboarding somewhere, but don't know where. I have a BZ little bruddah... It's taken me through double overhead surf in the OBX, so I'm thinking it'll be a good tool for this weekend

I'm in Connecticut and trying to decide where to go on Sunday. If I drive South to LI, I'm pretty sure I'll have better beaches, but that traffic on the island is usually INSANE on summer weekends.. Not sure if I want to do it..

But on the other hand, if I drive North to RI - we have colder water and maybe not as good breaks. But, it's a better drive, no tolls or traffic, etc.

Also I'm not familliar with RI - only place I've ever been is naragansett... So, what do the pros think? And if you guys think RI will be just as good, any recommendations on a good break?

Thanks a lot guys! And if anyone wants to meet up I'll have the sticky-icky

Ride on