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    surf reports?????

    jsimon003 is full of sh!t. 8-10 foot my arse! he should be banned from surf report. Come on've black listed lostsoul's rants about boogie boarders before so i know it can be done. This tool jsimon003 should be blocked, the site loses credibility with him reporting.

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    I agree. There's a big difference between being a valid source and keeping a good stoke factor, and being an ass telling everyone it's double overhead when it's chest to head.

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    Yea be accurate man, come on! Other sites are showing 3-4ft, smarting up--haha.

  4. relax its got all day 2 build... and its high tide... semi down now bills here

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    I will not.

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    I dunno, but I've made more than a few repairs on the roof of my house over the years and I can tell you that earlier this morning in VB I've looked down on more height than I have pounding nails into shingles. Not to say that that was the consistent height but it felt a little weird not having a hammer in my hand from time to time. I've been celebrating this afternoon with the captain and I'm getting ready to go back out soon, hopefully the report is holding. I have had my share of great waves but I've also never had more fun wiping out my entire life!!!!!!!

    PS I just wanna say I've never seen so much talent in VB, this morning there were so many guys ripping it...I mos def held my own but some of these guys take on these waves and make it look so smooth and easy, so many good surfers that will be stuck in anonymity that deserve so much more! 'Specially the usual Rudee longboard crew, out there every morning whether its flat or not...taking on waves that were swallowing the jetty. And hey, the guy I see every morning on the sponge that's been riding the shorty Alaia lately, you ARE THE MAN!!! You're ballz factor doubled today!!!

    I hope everybody is as stoked as I am about 8/22/09, a day that will go down in East Coast HISTORY!!!

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    Check out the Jax Beach videos when you get a chance. That's a nice glassy swell.

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    what the hell happened today. what happened to those double overhead waves we were supposed to get. and dont tell me the swells just not here yet. i mean im fine with head high overhead sets but whyd you make all this hype for this. well i guess il see what tomorow holds once the report updates

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    jsimon003. not sure exactly but think the kids name is jake simon hes 16 and is some *** from little silver who spongies it up and doesnt know what the hell hes talking about