All the models were accurate...seemingly easy to predict what was going to happen. One thing we need...SAND! After a long summer and tons of south wind flow...all we have is a big sloping beach with no sand anywhere. I am still optimisitic for Sunday, but with the South wind this morning...everyone and their mother was at the cove. I hope no one jumps on here claiming this was the session of the century...I would rather wear a 5.43 and get barreled then surf gutless, soft NS with 3 billion Pennsyletuckians! I heard at least three morons say "I got tubed". I may not be an expert, but head dips don't count. Sorry...just needed to vent. At least I got to see a really cool sunrise. I hope the beach levels out and sucks some sand out this afternoon, so we can all just spread out a little bit. Praying for a better day tomorrow.