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    Here Is Your Chance!! VB (Sat)!!

    For anyone who has heard my rants and raves about a pointbreak at the base at fort story, well here is your chance to score it. Tommorow (Saturday) looks to be the best condtions I have ever seen for this break. And when you consider that I have surfed the best sessions of my life here, gotten 3 barrels on one wave here, and dream about this spot everday, well then you know its gonna all time!!!!

    So Tommorow, Hovercraft ramp at fort story, South Swell wrapping into the mouth of the bay, south winds grooming wrapping peeling waves to perfection (this beach faces north). Its gonna be the session of the year for sure!!!!

    If your reading this and your interested (which you very well should be) go on to Under the spot Fort Story Jetty, I have written a long summary, detailing how to access the spot and what not. Its not the spot itself you want to read, but a long comment I left under the title "This Place Can Get Epic" It would be too easy for me to just write it on here, so Im making you do a little work. Trust me, you will thank me!!!!!!
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    3 barrels in one wave?!?!

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    I've seen a few of your posts about this spot & think it could work. Agreed that the long period swell, even from the ESE would have the ability to wrap around towards the Fort Story ramp and the setup there looks pretty good.

    The one reason why I'm still a little skeptical: Why would you go to such great lengths to tell people about this spot? If it is so epic, why not just keep it to yourself?

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    yeah..why are u blowing that spot up? duh.

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    I post this because

    1. Im nice

    2. I like sharing

    3. Because even though I posted it, none of you are gonna check it out anyway.

    4. Because if you do catch that spot good, you will thank me for the rest of your life.

    5. And because surfing there is usually lonely and scary.

    So please try it, go there, score the epic waves!!! I just want other people to experience this!!!

    If you find the post on wanna surf I told you all to look at, it gives you step by step directions on how to access it (a long long walk, around a point).

    Go check it where i tell u to check it, if you see any sign of a wave down there on the point its gonna be going off once you round the bend.

    I hope SOMEONE listens!!!!!

  6. if i was down that way most def... thnx 4 the tip bro

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    Keep in mind that this is an U.S. Army base. There is a big sign on the beach stating "DO NOT ENTER Violators prosecuted...blah, blah, blah". You could always try to get in the legal way by just going through the entrance gate. They let civilians on the base to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse. You could probably get to their private beach once you enter.