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    south inlet... 100 yards out no lie, chest to head some overhead occasionally

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    i was kidding about sunskipper if i didn't make it obvious enough in the previous was firing between 6 and11 and from 530 until dark...hope the morning is half of what it was today

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    Does Pawleys ever have good surfing conditions? From what I have learned, if you want good surf you have to go north. Still though, I am grateful for the waves we got these past few days.

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    sounds like the surfingnoob ahs figured it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pawley View Post
    sounds like the surfingnoob ahs figured it out.
    Well from what I have learned, everyone down here who is good at or surfs alot head north to Wrightsville. If I ever get good at it, I want to take a surfing trip but until then at least Myrtle is a good location for a beginner like me to learn what the heck he is doing. Where else besides Wrightsville do people flock to surf in NC?