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    Waves in Rodanthe

    I arrived in Rodanthe around noon today. 12 had washed over in 2 spots at the high tide around 9:00, but it was easily passable by the time we got there. One of the spots that washed over was at S-Turns. The house we rented is about 8/10 of a mile south of S-Turns. As soon as we parked, we walked up to see what was going on. I'm telling you, this is one massive, angry swell. I could see waves feathering over a mile out. There were two tow crews right out from the end of our street. I saw a couple rides, the first one was a legitimate 20' face, if not more. The guy did a big long bottom turn and when straight back up the face for a snap right at the top. That move on a overhead wave would have drawn applause, but to pull that on something that size made my nuts rise up into my throat. Unreal.

    We walked up to S-Turns and there was nobody out. It just couldn't hold the swell. I'll plan to walk up there tomorrow morning when it should be off the hook. I'll post pictures up tomorrow.


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    good sh1t


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    Daammmn... Nice.. No pics??

    I was in Avon all last week. Missed this storm by one week!!! #$&#*#&$#

    Oh well, will be in RI tomorrow morning

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    I got some pics of the buxton lighthouse and a few other places. It was a total mess.

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    I was between Frisco and the Buxton lighthouse all day. Frisco pier in the morning looked BIG. The lines of the swells were so long they almost went out of sight. No one out. No pics. Went to the lighthouse and it was a mess. Got a few pics. One is especially cool. Unreal. Went out by the airport and was less big. Tide went out a bit. Few guys out. Another mess. Back to the lighthouse. Around 5pm, winds shifted offshore, more organized. About 3 guys out. Got 2 pics of one guy. Wish I could post here. And the waves, on the way outside were f-in big and breaking down the line. Couldn't imagine trying to paddle out there. These things were monsters. I have some video I took of a few bombs way outside. Breaking top to bottow. Intense for sure. I should create an account on one of those websites to post here. I easily believe it was TOH today

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    Quote Originally Posted by headrow View Post
    ... I should create an account on one of those websites to post here. I easily believe it was TOH today
    Go to photobucket. I just hosted two pics there. It was pretty easy and it's free

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    I was in Rodanthe this past week, ~1/2 mile south of pier; Thursday was real fun, chest high and lining up long and hollow as expected in obx; Friday got much bigger, even put my fish away for the first time in months (picked up a CI Skinny Fish this summer - go get one) and grabbed the 6'8" to handle the increase in size, winds were hard from south so not so clean but fun to drop into overhaed faces for the first time since checked it ~ 7am, no wind at all, no way to paddle the 1/4 mile through the soup to the bombs pealing in the distance...looked like it just got bigger as the day went on...I'm glad to hear and surprised to hear that there were a few guys that made it out there today.