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    Borrow/Rent a board in VB this weekend?

    Ok, this is an odd request. In currently living in VA for a few months and really want to get some surf in this weekend. The only problem is that all of my boards are at my parents house in S.NC and I really dont want to rent a Bic or NSP. Is there anybody out there that would be willing to let me borrow or rent a board from them? I am responsible and a very competent surfer. Of course I will leave some sort of a deposit so you know I wont just run off with it and, in the unlikely event that it does somehow get damaged, will make full restitution. I usually surf a 6'6'' x 19' thruster but I'll take what I can get (beggars cant be choosers).

    Even better, if someone wants to get a session Sat AM with me and let me borrow a board that would be awesome.

    Anyone willing to help a fellow surfer out in a jam? Send me a PM or just reply to the thread.

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    Why not check around for a used board, or buy a new one from a shop and return it before you head back?

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    I checked out craigslist and made a few calls. I even found a few promising leads but I would prefer to borrow/rent a board and maybe even catch a session with someone in the area.

    The surf shop wont work because im coming down fri night and leaving sat afternoon... dont think i can get into a surf shop before 8am or so. I want to be in the water by 6.

    Ive also got more boards then I need as it is. I shape my own but dont consider them good enough to sell so they just keep stacking up. Worst comes to worst I'll arrange it so i can buy one friday night from a craigslist add and sell it when i get home.

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    I ended up buying a board and now im trying to sell it. Its a 6'6'' x 18 1/2" run of the mill pop-out with fins, leash, and traction pad. Perfect condition except for a few heal dents and it rode pretty well. Its actually a nice little step-up board. I paid $300, surfed it for 4 hours, and am selling for $250. Lemme know if anyones interested, pic available on request.