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    let's see if it's open this weekend

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    Dave, funny statement about me being bitter, I'm probably the least bitter person you could meet. Why should we look at this from the guards/rangers point of view they work for us don't they? Shouldnt they look to us, not the other way around. I saw **** this weekend that I couldn't believe, little fat kids chest deep in ripping currents and parents lounging on unguarded beaches. I am experienced in the water and surf every swell and I was afraid of what I was seeing (I even kept my own son no deeper than knee deep and was nervous about that). That said, as sad as it may be to say, no one will respect the danger of the ocean until they feel the power first hand themselves and survive or die, or hear or know someone who has. I have respect because I came close many times and if I did ever eat it I would hurl down lighteng bolts on any in my family that would sue over my stupidity. If people can't learn from experience they will look to the government and other authority to tell them when it is safe or not. Even parents need to let go to let the children grow up and learn. Ever see the movie idiocracy? Great movie, very funny and right on target.
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    That's who should be responsible. NOT the taxpayers.
    yeah but wake up to reality. Or move to Brazil, where they dump indigent coma patients onto the streets (literally)