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    Talking Thank You BIll!!!

    Has anyone else noticed that the sandbars have gotten longer post hurricane? North Ocean City is back! The break on 119 is awesome, and there are some really nice sets - breaking like 10-15 feet out! also compared to whats around it, breaks a little bigger in comparison to blocks further south.

    I thought I'd be nice and share... I have been surfing it by myself all summer and I have loved it.

    - BB 25-6-4

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    Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll make a day trip there this fall. Weekend warriors unite!

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    Same, i was here over spring break and there were perfect A frame barrels! the bigger it gets the better it breaks, also it when it goes left it does this really werid thing... i am trying to find a picture, when i do ill post it, but it likes to break side ways when the wind blows from the north... its trippy.

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