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    ya'll come to pawleys fri.

    everyone should come to pawleys island later this week for the certain epic swell.

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    shut up dude. we had enough people last weekend

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    you kooks are bad enough- then again someone from out of town might know how to surf & have some ettiquette

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    south end PI one dropped on me....maybe cuz im just so radical dude. BTW thanks to everyone for leaving to go to CB on sunday. it was clean waist to shoulder and fun until wind got on it. better then saturday simply because there was no hype or other people to look at

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    Cricha-you dont know!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfox View Post
    Cricha-you dont know!!!
    Pfox-dont you have a softball game to lose?

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    Question loosas

    any thoughts on tomm.