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  1. Couple Pictures

    Tough to see, but the fin box is sunken in about 2-3 mm and the fin angle is off about 30 degrees, tried paddling back out but it only got worse.

    Fin box removed, waiting for a new one in the mail from foamez so repair can be made.
    Mad props to my roommate the dalai lama of board repairs and master shaper.

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    Micah...any way to delete user accounts who are a$$holes? Dunno about anyone else bit I am so tired of reading all the trash talking on here and i know everyone is going to say..."well then dont read it" or something stupid like that but COME ON! We just had epic waves and everyone should be stoked outta their gourd.
    well then don't read it dork

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    Noticed in the picture that that board is glassed by diamond glass co. maybe even a rusty board, Anyhow i have heard, and seen, nothing but bad things from that glass co.. Just a buyer beware. Has anyone else had problems with diamond glass co.