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Thread: TS Danny!

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    Carolina Beach, NC
    Too bad the swell is only 2 days

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    just got back from mase and the waves were better than bill's in my opinion

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    just got back from cb, from the same spot that i was at last saturday during bill, and i'd have to say that it was more fun. not the same scare factor, but literally had a hundred chest high barrels that just lined up right there for the taking. i can count how many turns that i did on 4 hands, and i surfed for 5 hours. thats how many barrels there were to be had. surfing wb is for chumps.

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    CB today was prob one of the best days of the year. Thats about as close to barrels CB will get. Bill was bigger this was better!

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    yes i can vouch for cb...though i surfed kure today and it was bumpin, head high barrels...wb can't compare

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    I spent all day surfing with my friends at Huntington Beach. The waves were great today, better then Bills because I could ride these and from where I still sucked, Bill kicked my butt. I am going to college, so I won't be back down to surf until November so I hope God blesses you guys with some more nice waves.

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    kure was smokin.