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    Surfboard Wanted

    I'm looking for a short board or Fish in the 6'2 range if anybody wants to give/sell me one. I'm looking to spend no more then $200 please nothing beat up plz (ride able condition, not water logged).

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    Apr 2008
    In a state of flux
    crap I just sold a virtaully brand new 6 2 for 200 bucks on sunday. where you located? I may be able to find another fish type board like that (but not in as good conditions)

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    Long Branch Let me know what you can do

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    Jul 2008
    Long branch
    i have a 5'7 chemistry for 75 and 5'8 rusty piranha for 170. and im in long branch too, and not one open/waterlogged ding

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    those boards are good for me but a little to small for my friend here can u post some pics.

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    6'2" nature shapes bonzer

    I've got a 6'2" nature shapes bonzer in excellent condition for 200. Board is in Loch Arbour